My Articles and Podcasts on Homeschooling

Over the past few months I’ve produced several articles and podcasts on homeschooling. Here’s the roundup.

1. Podcast: Kevin Currie-Knight on Self-Directed Education

2. Podcast: Kevin Currie-Knight on Crisis Schooling Versus Homeschooling

3. Article: Crisis schooling not the same as normal homeschooling

“. . . A big difference is that regular homeschoolers are not subject to the demands and daily routines imposed by a school district. . . .”

4. Article: My family’s homeschooling journey

“. . . My wife and I want our child to develop his natural love of learning, pursue his individual interests, and learn to think for himself. Yes, he needs to learn how to read, write, and do math. Yes, he needs to learn about literature, science, and history. Yet I am convinced that adults can help inspire a child to learn these things while giving the child considerable autonomy. . . .”

5. Article: Navigating Colorado’s homeschooling laws

“. . . Homeschooling is not that hard, legally speaking. It doesn’t even have to be very time-consuming for parents, depending on how they approach it. Homeschooling families can find an astounding array of programs and materials. . . .”

6. Article: Empower families with education tax credits

” . . . My family decided to homeschool rather than put our five-year-old in a local public school. We have no regrets. It’s working well for my wife and me, and our son loves it. . . . There is one thing that bothers me about the arrangement. My family is forced to pay a considerable amount of money to the local public schools, which we don’t use, on top of what we spend to educate our child ourselves. . . . My proposed solution is universal tax credits for education. . . .”