Bryan Caplan’s Ambitious Homeschooling

Bryan Caplan on homeschooling

Economist Bryan Caplan runs the most ambitious homeschooling program I’ve heard of. Importantly, his two older sons, now in college, always were interested in academics and were serious students. Caplan provided an environment in which they thrived.

Caplan’s sons took numerous Advanced Placement tests starting in 7th Grade, learned Spanish thoroughly, aced the SAT, attended several college classes, and successfully placed a peer-reviewed history paper while still in high school.

Neither Caplan nor his sons were impressed by the local public schools (or, rather, they were strongly negatively impressed): “The academic material was too easy and moved far too slowly. The non-academic material was humiliatingly infantile. . . . With the noble exception of their calculus teacher, my sons’ high school teachers just showed videos and treated teens like babies.”

Caplan’s sons did very well with college admissions and scholarships. Yet, surprisingly (to me), “they were waitlisted by Harvard and Columbia, and rejected by all the lesser Ivies.”

For those interested in homeschooling and in education generally, Caplan’s review, and his previous remarks on the subject, are well worth perusing.