Brain Quest Workbooks Make Great Supplements

If you’re looking for ridiculously cheap supplementary materials for your home preK–6 curriculum, check out the Brain Quest workbooks. Honestly I don’t know how they sell these lengthy (some over 300 pages), full-color (and printed in the U.S.) workbooks so cheaply—obviously mass printings help. And my five-year-old enjoys working in them. If you use these at all, for the money, you can’t possibly go wrong.

These workbooks cover the basics in reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and social studies. They also have games and fun activities. My son currently is working in the kindergarten book, and he enjoys solving the mazes and tracing the letters. Although I hardly consider these a complete curriculum, they are a great and economical supplement.

I just bought the entire set at once so my kid can go through them at his own pace. You might consider buying them year-by-year, so if your child stops enjoying them you can stop buying them. Obviously parents can start with the workbook most suited to the abilities of their child (Amazon’s look-inside feature is probably helpful for deciding this). I’m pretty confident my child will go through the entire set, hopefully at an accelerated pace.

The entire set of 15 workbooks consists of 8 standard workbooks (preK–6) plus 7 “Summer” transition books (which are shorter). So one possibility is to buy only the regular-year books.

Here are the Amazon links to the entire set (all paid links):

  1. PreK
  2. PreK–K Summer
  3. Kindergarten
  4. K–1 Summer
  5. Grade 1
  6. 1–2 Summer
  7. Grade 2
  8. 2–3 Summer
  9. Grade 3
  10. 3–4 Summer
  11. Grade 4
  12. 4–5 Summer
  13. Grade 5
  14. 5–6 Summer
  15. Grade 6